Value Oriented

Investment Approach - Fees

At OFM, we provide you with a choice between two fee structures;

Standard Plan

  • A fund management fee of 1.5% per annum on the average market value of the portfolio charged to the client on a quarterly basis, subject to a minimum fee of Rs. 24,000 per annum.

Performance Based Plan

  • A performance based plan comprises of a fee of 10% on the annual profits made on an account, subject to a minimum fee of Rs. 24,000 per annum.

The performance based fee is charged on incremental profits of the portfolio in a given year less losses of the portfolio from prior years which have not been set off previously

OFM does not charge any documentation or registration fees. This enables you to invest the entire sum of money which you bring to us straight away and it is utilised 100% to work for your benefit from the start. Our fees are all inclusive, with no separate charges for other expenses such administration, marketing or sales expenses.

When investments are purchased or sold on your behalf through stock broking firms, the standard brokerage fee is charged by the broking firm. We do not receive any brokerage or any commission on share purchases and sales made on your behalf from the respective broker or any third party.

Thus our only source of revenue will be fees paid by our clients.